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Free Snood Resend Tool

If you need your registration code for any Word of Mouse game to be sent again for any reason (accidental deletion, new computer, upgrade, etc.) we are happy to resend it. We would prefer you use this automated form because we get so many of these requests.

:: The form will not work if:
- You are no longer at the e-mail address you used when registering
- You did not receive your registration code by e-mail
- You purchased the Real.Com version of Snood or Chowder

If the form does not work for you for any reason, please contact us at responder@WOMgames.com and we will try to help. If you do write us, please send us the following information:

  • Which game(s) you registered.
  • When you registered.
  • How you registered.
  • How you received your registration code (by e-mail, snail mail, phone).
  • What e-mail address and user name you used to register.

  • Note: This form does not send out free registration codes - it only looks up existing codes. Please don't enter your address if you know you aren't registered.

    To have your code re-sent, enter your e-mail address below:


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